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"The time machine exist. It's called photography."


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Andrea Blesáková

Trnava, Slovakia

Türnitz, Austria


andrea blesakova hochzeitfotograf
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About me

Welcome to my website!

Hi, I'm Andrea. I'm primarily a wedding photographer, but I also capture other love stories, including family, newborn, and maternity photography. I enjoy exploring various types of photography, ensuring that I capture the essence of each unique moment.

Originally from the picturesque city of Trnava in Western Slovakia, I recently relocated to a tranquil village in Lower Austria. Surrounded by nature, this peaceful setting not only inspires me but also complements my personality perfectly. Despite my new home, my passion for travel keeps me on the move! My love for photography actually began during my travel journeys, and now I aspire to combine this passion with destination wedding photography.

Nature, moments, emotions, people.


My editing style is vibrant, colorful, and emotional, with a touch of moodiness. While I have a deep appreciation for vivid hues, I also cherish the timeless beauty of black and white photography. These monochrome moments often capture the essence of emotion in a way that color sometimes cannot.

I would love to get to know your story and have the privilege of portraying it through my lens.



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